Additional Services

 Care Options

· Three (3) scheduled 1/2 hour walks ... $55.00                  

· Two dogs ... $65.00                                                                 

(Includes three 1/2 hour walks, morning, midday, evening).

We will also feed and provide fresh water after each walk. Pick up your newspapers, water your plants and turn on/off lights.                                              

· Cat sitting (Ferrets, Rabbits, Birds, etc.) ... $25.00           

Includes feeding and fresh water, scooping litter box and offering play, petting  and cuddling while you are away.

· “Just In Case” Key Pickup ... $10.00                                    

We offer a “Just In Case” key program. This service is ideal for the individual who may get detained  with work deadlines, last minute dinner engagements, unexpected travel plans, emergencies, etc.  By having Dog-Gone-It holding onto your key, this is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

We will keep your key in a locked safe.  Your key will be coded in such a way that only I can match the key to the client. Then all you’ll need to do is call and book your pet sitting/walking needs without the hassle of having to arrange for a key pickup.

· Changes to walk schedule needs to be 24 hr. in advance of walk.


Your dog’s walks are almost always guaranteed regardless of the weather.  (If wet, they will be either towel or blown dry before our departure.)