Benefits Of Using A Dog Walker:

For Your Dog

Studies show that dogs who do not get enough walking become frustrated and often demonstrate destructive, undesirable behaviors such as barking, chewing, running away, and digging.

Dog walking is one of the most inexpensive ways of ensuring your dogs fitness and provides the following benefits: 

  Improves your dogís cardiovascular development

 Strengthens your dogís muscles and bones

  Lowers your dogís blood pressure

 Establishes a sense of well-being

 Exercise can ensure good physical and mental stimulation

Benefits Of Using A Dog Walker:

For You

We believe that walking your dog will extend the life of your dog. A healthy dog is a happy dog.  Leaving your dog in the backyard outside to play or do their business simply isnít enough.  Dogs get bored and need to be  stimulated by new sights and smells.  Just like humans, dogs need daily exercise as well.

 Walking provides routine practice for using basic commands

 Elderly and adult dogs need bathroom breaks too.

 A helping hand when you have a busy schedule

No longer feeling guilty about promising to take them for a walk

Establishes a routine for your dog that he/she can look forward to